Aphex Twin – Unreleased Metz Track

It’s been quite a few years since Richard D. James released any new material, the last being Chosen Lords in 2006.

Chosen Lords wasn’t even that special, being a selection of chosen tracks from the Analord series. In 2007 an artist going under the name “The Tuss” released an album and an LP on the Rephlex record label. An article was posted in the Guardian newspaper claiming that The Tuss was actually Aphex Twin releasing under an Alias. The article caused much speculation and after much debating, the majority of Aphex Twin fans concluded that it was in fact, Richard.

The only way to hear any new material that Richard produces these days is to go and see him DJ live at festivals. Even those can be difficult to catch him at, because it’s not loudly reported when and where he’s playing. You just have to be lucky enough to hear it from someone else or spot him on a line-up for a festival or event.

However, if you are lucky enough to visit a festival or gig he is playing at… It’s special. There is usually an air of mystery to being at an Aphex Twin set. Nobody has any kind of idea what music he will be playing, though he almost always throws in some of his own tunes, new and old, during his sets which is beautiful.

What you can expect, is some of the most incredible and mind-numbingly good electronic music you probably will have ever had the pleasure of experiencing live. Perhaps I’m a little over-zealous because I really admire not just his music, but how his music opened me up to a whole new world of genre’s, soundscapes, textures. I even wrote some of my own, but let’s not talk about that.

I’ve seen Mr. Twin play live twice now. Once in the (now closed) Matter club in 2010 which was in the Greenwich 02 Arena. The second was in London in Hyde Park during the wireless festival. He usually likes to start off slow and work his way up to dizzying speeds.  Suddenly he’ll switch into W32.Mydoom.AU@mm or sliiiiide into Windowlicker. He also plays some of his reportedly massive collection of unreleased tracks though without any official releases we can only speculate and used our “Aphex” attuned ears to determine what might and might not be something he has made.

Of course, this is exactly the kind of chaos and confusion that Mr. RDJ likes to cause. This track below was heard at the Metz festival in France, 2010 and is believed by many to be an unreleased Aphex track. For those of us that are just about starved of any new Aphex material and have given up hope of him releasing anything new, it’s like a sudden trickle of revitalizing water. It’s amazing, beautiful, alien and very Aphex. If you’re a fan of his music and ever get a chance to see him live but are debating about the cost – Buy a ticket, forget about how much it will cost you. You will walk away from the experience a changed person for the better.


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